Saunas and tanning beds

Portable infrared saunas

Because you can readily install a portable infrared sauna anyplace in your home or out in the yard, or take with you on vacation, more and more people find portable saunas appealing. The fact is infrared heat provides far more health benefits than conventional saunas, and portable saunas offer far more convenience than old fashioned Finnish steam types. Old-fashioned saunas offer indirect heat to warm the air to 180 degrees F or more, whereas infrared saunas heat the body directly, as the sun does, with temperatures in the 100 to 140 degree F range. The operating expenses of a old-fashioned sauna are much higher than a portable infrared sauna since it takes about an hour for the Finnish steam sauna to warm up versus the 15 minutes it takes for a portable infrared.

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The invisible infrared rays are the most healthful rays created by the sun since they warm the skin and activate the sweat glands, which in turn work to eliminate toxins from your body. One of the main health benefits to a infrared sauna is increased blood circulation and this delivers more oxygen to the blood cells, and provides relief for familiar health issues such as migraine headaches, arthritis, and back pain. Due to the health benefits of infrared light, people report being reinvigorated after they take an infrared sauna, where the traditional Finnish saunas often leave people feeling fatigued from the acute heat. For decades doctors have suggested infrared heat lamps for significant health benefits, but those lamps have shown to be inconsistent and clumsy and no match for the infrared light in these portable saunas.

Tanning beds

Instead of spending hard cash on regular trips to a tanning salon, it may be more economical to buy a used tanning bed from a dealer or a salon, as great bargains are often available when a tanning bed is sold previously owned. A very important factor is the amount of room you have to put in a tanning bed, and if space is an issue you might look at getting a stand-up tanning booth instead of a lie-down model. If you need to scrimp on the size of the tanning bed due to limited room in your home, you are better off with a stand-up tanning booth which offers you a better tan than small tanning beds. Don't be fooled by a big discount on an older model tanning bed, as these are often obsolete devices for which you might not find replacement parts. Old tanning bed bulbs won't give you much of a tan, so you might have to spend a fair amount of money on new bulbs when you get a used tanning bed. A complete examination of the timer, the bulbs, and the wiring on a used tanning bed is a necessity, particularly the timer, because if that isn't working correctly you can spend too much time in a tanning bed which is a serious health risk.

The stand-up tanning booths are generally regarded as more hygienic than tanning beds, but in either case you will need to completely clean and sanitize any used unit with a special cleaner. Always get possession of the original owner's manual along with any previously owned tanning bed or booth, as you will need it to help with the proper installation and operation.

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