Working in Antigua

Just about every major hotel, restaurant and cafe in Antigua has wireless access with varying degrees of strength. Pack up a wireless booster and you should be all set.In theory, the main Parque Central (Central Park) offers free wireless, though I found it difficult to get a signal and was more comfortable working in the lush gardens of Hotel Cirilo.

Bagel Barn offers solid, free wireless, good prices on food and events like free movies. But be warned when too many people jump on Skype, it slows down the signal. Although this is true of just about any public space you're trying to work whether in Guatemala or not. If you need a traditional Internet cafe, try Caf Bourbon to get work done in a quiet setting. My favorite pick? If I could work anywhere in Antigua besides our hotel courtyard, it would be the relaxed and breathtaking grounds of Santo Domingo.

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When wireless isn't free, you're looking at around $1 an hour. But be advised that if you decide to hit an ATM, "ripping" is common throughout Guatemala. We we're warned repeatedly not to give a banker our card or use an ATM. The area around Central Park is especially prone to ATM related theft and ripping. Fortunately I decided (on a whim) to withdraw a few hundred in Quetzalsfrom the Atlanta airport, after finding ourselves near stranded in Italy the year before with a non-working debit card.

Our hotel informed us the ATM at Santo Domingo hotel and restaurant was probably the safest and only one they recommended using. The property has a security camera and armed guards on the premisesand the guests safety is treated with paramounce. In the end, it didn't matter. We had just enough cash to get by, and used our credit cards for everything we could. We figured it would be relatively easy to ask for a charge back on our cards than sort out our bank account being emptied. Luckily we didn't have any problems at all with our cards or fraud.

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