P90X Results and Recovery Drink

When experiencing any strenuous workout, it is important to refuel your body, in particular to help restore muscle glycogen (the energy stores in the muscle).P90X Results and Recovery drinkis formulated to help you avoid early workout fatigue in future workouts, as well as help your muscles recover from your previous bout of punishment.

When is the best time to take P90X Results and Recovery Drink?

As the name would imply, the best time to take it is after a workout. More specifically, research has shown that your muscles are the most primed for nutrient absorption in the first 60 minutes after you exercise. So you basically have a 1 hour window to get the most out of your post workout nutrition! I don't know about other people, but I don't typically feel like eating following my workouts. P90X Results and Recovery Drink allows me to get in the nutrition that I need and also help quench some post workout thirst.

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How does P90X Results and Recovery Drink Taste?

The truth of the matter is that if you don't like the taste you won't consume it on a regular basis. The taste is Smooth Orange and I like it! Sometimes I will mix in 1-2 strawberries or other berries just to give it some variety, but in general I like the taste.

Is P90X Results and Recovery Easy to Mix?

I mix it up in the morning with a Magic Bullet blender at work after my workouts. I have also dumped the formula into a normal water batter and shook it up. The powder seems to mix pretty well and doesn't taste "grainy".

What is in P90X Results and Recovery Drink?

The drink contains 1 part protein protein being necessary to help repair and build muscle. 4 Parts simple and complex carbohydrates to help restore muscle glycogen energy stores. Abundant levels of vitamins, and antioxidants to help reduce muscle soreness and small amounts of creatine to help with muscle growth.

Does P90X Results and Recovery Drink Work?

Let me start by saying that everyone's body will tolerate and benefit from nutrition differently, so it is important to find out for yourself. But I have definitely felt a difference in my ability to sustain workout intensity and be consistent in my workouts. I have found that taking P90X Results and Recovery Drink is essential on days when I am doing a workout in the AM and then playing a sport later in the day or if I play a sport at night and I intend on working out the next morning. I also think that some of the benefit is psychological, meaning when I drink it I feel like I am giving myself the best opportunity to have success with my workouts. I don't feel like I am putting in the work and then not giving my body the nutrition it needs for success.

P90X Results and Recovery Drink Summary:

If you are looking for an added bonus to help improve your results, you should definitely try this drink to see for yourself. Your own body will be the best indicator or success.

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