Email Marketing: 3 Steps To Achieve Engagement

Using email marketing is a very cost-effective technique to promote a product, service, or brand. However, not every marketer succeeds at this endeavor. In fact, very few do.

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The problem with email marketing is that it's so hard to get a person to open, much less read, an email unless it was from someone they know. They often think that emails from a sender they don't know or recognize are nothing but spam so they just go ahead and delete them.

If you want to succeed in email marketing, here are three things you need to do:

Step 1: KISS Your Subject Line

No, you don't need to literally kiss your headline. KISS is short for Keep It Short and Simple. Dont write headlines that are too long they won't even fit in one line. Dont put unnecessary words. Headlines must be precise and easy to understand so that when a person reads it, he'll immediately know what it's all about.

Step 2: Make a Good Impression on Your First Line

The first line is essentially the very first line that appears on your email body. Its the line that you see below the subject line, when you view your inbox list. Your first line should be written in such a way that will entice the reader to open the email and find out what's inside.

Step 3: Keep the Email Short and Provide a Call to Action

Emails that are short, easy to understand, and direct to the point are more effective than long narratives. People have very short attention span and they're also too busy to read lengthy emails. Keep your email as short as possible and provide a very visible call to action that will encourage, motivate, and excite the reader to buy.

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