Knowing How Many Calories in Wine is Good for Your Diet

Eating a healthy diet and a glass or two of wine promotes a healthy lifestyle and also longevity. A Finnish study has revealed that wine drinkers have shown a 34% lower mortality rate than those who consume spirits and beer. The study was conducted over a 29 year period among 2468 men. Other benefits showed that moderate drinkers who had high blood pressure we're 30% less likely to experience a heart attack than those who did not drink. In another study it showed that red wine contains procynidins that protect the heart from diseases.

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On the whole drinking wine in moderation has some good beneifits, and one can easliy work out how many calories in wine, when planning a calorie controlled diet. Wine on average does have a lower calorie count than beer and spirits. Allowing about 80 to about 130 for both white or red wines, usually red is higher but is more healthy, can be introduced into an good diet, which means that you have total control at all times.

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