3 Ways Intuition Can Sabotage Your Business

I am putting intuition in quotes because when you are truly aligned with your intuition miracles do happen. You can move forward in giant strides and find success quite easily.

However, most of us fall prey to old belief patterns that we aren't even aware are coloring our decisions. Or we simply don't have a full understanding of our intuition and we let our egos run rampant without use even realizing it.

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Here are the ways your (fake) intuition can sabotage your business:

1. It can give you a false sense of security

This falls in line with if you build it, they will come syndrome. Its this half-baked notion that manifesting and listening to your intuition are the same thing. If you throw a vision board and a few affirmations in the mix then expect success in your business will come knocking on your doorstep in two shakes of a lambs tail.

I hope you have a comfortable couch because that's where you are going to sitting forever. Success is never going to knock at your door. Maybe the UPS guy but not success.

Having a business is a giant risk and it comes with some really uncomfortable feelings. I mean there are going to be times where you question everything.

Even your sanity.

This is where your intuition should really kick in. Its going to remind you of all the reasons you started your business in the first place. Its going to keep your focused on the bigger picture. Its going to give you solace when you want to call the looney bin for pick up.

Remember that manifesting, mindset and intuition are different things. So, don't confuse one for the other. And don't sit around waiting for success to happen.

Make your own luck by continually stretching yourself out of your comfort zone.

2. It can keep you in a state of waiting for the right time.

Let me just clear this up for right now.

There is no such thing as the right time.

Repeat it over and over until it really sticks in your head. In business you have to create the right time. Which means now.


Now again

Any time is the right time.

You intuition is not a clock. Its a compass. It doesn't tell time and it never tells you to wait. It guides you in the right direction and keeps you moving forward.

Sometimes, it tells you to reflect. Going inward is not the same as waiting, though. Its pushing the pause button to download some insight and using that insight to propel you forward.

So practice taking action every day. It doesn't have to be ginormous action. You can take little risks every day. They do add up.

3. It can give you an excuse to keep your head in the clouds

Or what I call being perpetually in 7 of Cups energy.

This is that state of being confused or having too many ideas or wanting to do everything so you focus on nothing. Really, if you are in this state in your business then you aren't really using your intuition.

Instead, you are letting your mind-clutter rule your business which gets you nowhere. It keeps you from having to put yourself out there and taking any accountability.

If this is where you are in your business then push that pause button. I mean, push it hard get yourself out of the clouds.

Do some meditations. Go for a walk. Commit to 30 minutes of free-form journaling. Get all the thoughts out of your head and figure out what you want.

What do you really want?

Sit with it and feel it out until you can confidently come to some form of clarity.

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Posted in Business Post Date 02/05/2020