It's all about being social!

Networking is a term used by lots of marketers these days. Sometimes it means getting others to join an opportunity as part of your downline, sometimes to find joint venture partners and other times just to get your website link in front of other people on the chance that they might be interested and take a look.

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"Social Networking", the new buzzword, combines gathering contacts and socializing.

These contacts can be personal friends, internet friends, business contacts and anyone else with similar interests both recreational and career wise.

For example, making contacts with people who have a common hobby can not only be rewarding as you share tips about your hobby, but also you can share other interests.

Sharing with others can be a good way to show off your expertise in a given field, especially if you are marketing something related to that field.

Also, sharing hobbies, tips about your business or unrelated topics helps make you appear more "human" to others and builds a sense of trust between yourself and others.

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