WOW!  That is about the only way I can describe where we are today.  First off, let me thank our customers for their commitment to Lou-Rich.  We had great months for January, February and March. Thanks to our suppliers who helped us meet the needs of our customers.  Then we get into the whole corona virus concerns.  What are we doing and how is it affecting us?

Our corporate Innovance team has been working with Lou-Rich and our sister businesses to put plans in place.  We have set new guidelines for social distancing, spreading out breaks and meals to avoid people gathering together, limiting travel, rotating work from home schedules, moving meetings on-line vs. in person, etc.  Does it sound familiar?  We are still open for business!  As I write this, we have seen minimal impact to orders from our customers.  That is great.  I hope it keeps steady.  We have heard minimal impact for our suppliers.  Again, we hope it continues.  All I can ask is that you communicate with us if you foresee changes.

We had planned to attend the ACT (Advanced Clean Transportation) show in May but that event has been deferred until July.  We will get there later!  We will be at the IMTS show in Chicago in September.  That should be a great event.

We hope that by taking unprecedented actions to curb the spread of the virus that we will minimize its impact on Lou-Rich, our customers, our suppliers and our country.  If we can stay healthy, we can make this into a dip in the road rather than the edge of a cliff.  Keep Healthy!