Then vs. Now – that is a WOW!

They say a picture says 1,000 words, so does that mean two photos say 2,000 words? Lou-Rich has occupied its main facility on Front Street in Albert Lea since 1989, but the building itself has been there long before that. The older photo was taken some time in the 1950’s when the plant produced industrial freezer components. In the new aerial photo, you can see how much the facility has changed as Lou-Rich has added equipment and capabilities over the years. There is even a water tower that had to be built around and then at some point removed to make way for progress. The current facility is 240,000 square feet housing 40+ machining centers, a fiber optic laser, press brakes, robotic and manual weld cells, 8 stage paint system, assembly cells, and a newly remodeled office. Who knows what Lou-Rich will look like in another 40 years, but for now we are very happy to call this place our work home.