And just like that, it is 2022! What a year 2021 was. It feels like 2021 was a constant blur with all the challenges it presented us. Through all the challenges that came our way, our team persevered and had a great year, exceeding our budgeted overall sales goals. I want to thank all our customers for continuing to trust in Lou-Rich to provide you with you manufacturing needs. Thank you also to our suppliers for all the hoops you had to jump through last year to meet our supply needs.

Looking forward into 2022, our customers’ sales forecasts are looking strong. There is good growth in many different industries including medical, transportation, food, and agriculture, just to name a few. This year our focus will shift from attracting new work, to focusing internally as to how we can best support our current customers. To achieve this goal, we are expanding our labor force and making significant investments in capital equipment this year. You can read more about some of our planned capital investments in our recent article, “The Year Ahead: Lou-Rich 2022 Capital Investments.”

Quality continues to be the #1 priority to our customers. In times where we are managing supply shortages, labor shortages, and spikes in COVID-19 cases, it is vital that the product we ship is to the standards expected of us. I can assure you our teams will be taking a fresh look at how we manage quality as well as sustain the procedures we put in place.

Here is to another great year in 2022 for both Lou-Rich and your company,

Lee Gulbrandson

Lou-Rich General Manager