Lou-Rich has been working with Tower Solutions for close to 3 years. Tower Solutions provides customizable self-erecting towers to many industries in a variety of applications such as Surveillance/Detection, Lighting, Communications, and Military/Security.

Lou-Rich makes the physical tower for the STS-12, as well as some components. This telescoping system reaches deployed heights from 20’ to 30’ feet and is fixtured on the back of a pickup truck, making it easy to move and deploy. Full tower deployment is less than two minutes, and this model is often used in surveillance for drone detection.

The first product Lou-Rich manufactured for Tower Solutions was based on an original design. In our most recent project, we worked with the Tower Solutions team and reviewed the STS-12 based on Design for Manufacturability (DFM). We then provided proposals for a new base design, which is now starting production. We recently had Tower Solutions over to our manufacturing facility and worked together to complete the initial build and accomplish assembly and made sure everything worked as it should.

“Tower Solutions has been very enjoyable to work with – from concept to final design. Working with them feels like an extension of Lou-Rich. They have an openness to review all aspects of the design and make design changes to improve manufacturability. It’s refreshing,” stated Bruce Mullenbach, Lou-Rich National Sales Manager.

The STS-12 has been a great project for the Lou-Rich team as it touches all aspects of Lou-Rich manufacturing such as machining, laser, brake, weld, high-level assembly, and painting. “Our team is able to bring a lot of value to this project because it covers a lot of our manufacturing capabilities. We can bring more value when it touches all of those departments because we’re able to do it all here within a single facility,” stated Bruce.

You can learn more about Tower Solutions’ STS-12 here: Small Tower Series STS-12 | Tower Solutions (towersolutionsinc.com)