We normally are not ones to boast here at Lou-Rich, but recently there are certainly lots of reasons to celebrate. We are currently continuing to celebrate our 50th year in business, we were recently named Large Manufacturer of the Year by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, and the past two consecutive months have been overall record sales for us!

Business through Q2, Q3 and Q4 all look to be very strong in sales. Each of our three facilities will be busy throughout 2022. One specific area of growth for Lou-Rich has been our fabrication department. This year we are in the process of implementing two additional robotic welding cells and additional manual welding bays. To support the robotic welders, our technical teams continue to streamline programming through the utilization of offline robot programming software. Introducing this technology allows us to do most of the programming ahead of time at a computer, instead of doing all the programming at the robot. This is a new technology for us here and will reduce new project introduction lead times.

Currently, we are in the middle of planning our 50th anniversary celebration that will take place this summer. The celebration will be an evening of live music, prizes, games, good food and good vibes. Not only are we including our employee owners and their families; we are also including past retirees and their families as well. We are very much looking forward to celebrating with all of them and acknowledging those who helped build this business from the start of a two-man shop in 1972.

As always, thank you to our customers and suppliers for helping make all this happen,

General Manger

Lee Gulbrandson