During the first and second weeks of Q3, Lou-Rich, like most businesses spends a good amount of time reviewing our key performance indicators for the first half of the year. This year it is fun to look back, review, and report out on them. Lou-Richs’ sales so far have exceeded expectations by 12.7%. That means our shop has been very busy meeting the increased customer demands.

The best thing to report, however, is even though we are producing at a very high rate, our quality metrics have not suffered. Our rolling 12 DPPM (Defective Parts Per Million) has improved from 1680 to 1120. This goes to show that our initiatives for improvement in standard work, training, and onboarding are making a big impact on the quality of product being produced here at Lou-Rich.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary at Lou-Rich. Currently, we are holding daily door prize drawings for the 50 days leading up to our big 50th anniversary celebration. We have just finalized all the plans for mid-August, and we are so excited to celebrate with all of our employee-owners. You can read more about our 50th Anniversary and the events we’ve been hosting in our article “Lou-Rich Celebrates 50 Years.”

Lee Gulbrandson
General Manager