To highlight our top Suppliers, we’ve created a new category within our newsletter page entitled the “Supplier Spotlight.” In these spotlight articles, we’ll take the time to introduce and acknowledge the Suppliers that contribute to our continued success.

The first Supplier we’ll be highlighting is Earle M. Jorgensen Company (EMJ). Lou-Rich has a longstanding relationship with EMJ, going back 20 plus years! EMJ is one of our top suppliers for many reasons, including their proximity, their high on-time delivery and quality scores, and outstanding customer service.

EMJ is located logistically in the Twin Cities and is just a short drive from our facility. They have a delivery truck that comes to our facility every Tuesday and Thursday. EMJ inventories materials for next-of-day delivery as needed, which helps us to reach our lean goals (just in time). They consistently reach high Supplier Metrics and have a 99% on time delivery score and a 99% quality score.

In addition to reaching high metrics, EMJ also has outstanding customer service and is a great team to work with.

“It doesn’t matter who I work with. From the top to the bottom of the organization, there are no gaps in their service. Someone will always help you,” stated Kevin Pierce, Lou-Rich Buyer.

“As Lou-Rich demands change based on our customer needs, EMJ is very willing to help us succeed in meeting our customer expectations,” stated Anne Greibrok, Lou-Rich Materials Manager.

We thank EMJ for their outstanding service and support!

About EMJ

EMJ is a leading supplier of Steel and Aluminum Bar, Tubing, and Plate to manufacturing companies in North America and around the world. They supply more than 50,000 grades, shapes, and sizes of carbon, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, and other materials that are used to manufacture consumer products.

You can learn more about EMJ on their website: