Lou-Rich Places in The Fabricator’s 2021 FAB 40 List

This year, Lou-Rich was listed as 18th place on The FABRICATOR’s 2021 FAB 40 list. This is one place higher than Lou-Rich’s position on the list last year.

The FABRICATOR is a leading magazine for the metal forming and fabricating industry in North America. Their publications include industry news, technical articles, product highlights, and case studies, along with other industry-specific information.

According to The FABRICATOR, “The FAB 40 list is prepared with the help of metal fabricators willing to share their revenue numbers and company information with The FABRICATOR and its readership. Emails were sent to almost 7,000 subscribers within the fabricated metal products sector. Companies were asked to provide their 2020 revenue as well as their number of locations and employees. The FABRICATOR takes the information and identifies the 40 most successful metal fabricating operations on the basis of 2020 reported revenue.”

You can view the full FAB 40 list here: The Fabricator’s 2021 FAB 40.