Exciting news from Lou-Rich! We currently have open capacity in our large Mazak VTL Turning Centers and we’re offering competitive pricing on customer quotes.

Lou-Rich currently has (2) Mazak MEGA TURN 900 VTL machines in house. These machines excel in heavy-duty cutting of low- to medium-profile workpieces and cater to a diverse range of industrial needs. Lou-Rich has especially had great success machining castings and solid bar stock.

You can learn more about vertical turning lathes and our capabilities: Vertical Turning Lathe Services

Machine Capabilities

Why Choose Lou-Rich for Your CNC Machining Needs?

Lou-Rich is tailored to meet the unique demands of a variety of industries ranging from medical to agriculture. In addition to machining, we provide numerous other value-added services.

With our open capacity, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality and efficiency, we’re ready to partner with you in bringing your most challenging projects to life.

Get a Competitive Edge with Lou-Rich

Contact us today to get a quote and discuss how we can bring your projects to life with the precision and efficiency of our Mazak MEGA TURN 900 Vertical Turning Centers.

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