We are proud to announce we have completed the audit process for ISO 9001:2015 recertification. Lou-Rich initially achieved this certification in 1998 and we have successfully upheld this certification ever since.

Lou-Rich has established a Quality Management System (QMS) that is designed to adhere to our company’s Quality Policy, meet our company’s quality objectives, ensure product quality, and place an emphasis on continuous improvement.

“ISO Certification takes a continual commitment to maintain and improve. Through our recertification to ISO9001:2015, Lou-Rich has an opportunity to continue the long success our employee-owners have enjoyed. But also, grow and share that history with existing and future customers,” stated Kevin Weber, Lou-Rich Quality Manager.

ISO certification is used by many of our customers as a baseline to grade us against competitors.  Additionally, customers may audit Lou-Rich against the ISO 9001:2015 standard much like our 3rd Party Auditor. Utilizing the ISO Quality Management System (QMS), pushes Lou-Rich to continually improve processes and reach our vision of being the best employee-owned contract manufacturing company in North America.

The ISO Certification process consists of a three-year cycle, with an annual 3rd partly ISO audit. The recertification audit ensures the Quality Management System is functioning properly and aligns with the Standard. The following two years consist of annual surveillance audits. Periodic ISO Management Reviews are held to ensure that Lou-Rich is staying on track. Internal audits are also conducted to further improve our processes. Most processes at Lou-Rich are under the ISO umbrella such as: Engineering, Order Entry, Purchasing, Production, Calibration, Quality, Training, Maintenance, Shipping, etc. Therefore, each employee-owner has a hand in helping Lou-Rich have an effective ISO Quality Management System.