For the 20th year in a row, Lou-Rich Hayward was awarded the Spirit of Excellence Award for Service and Quality from Hormel Foods. The Spirit of Excellence is a prestigious supplier award presented annually to a select group of business partners who have contributed to the success of the Hormel Foods Corporation. The award was presented at the Lou-Rich Hayward facility by Hormel Engineers.

“Not very many suppliers can say that they have been awarded this 20 years in a row,” stated Galen Berg, Hayward Supervisor.

20 years of excellence is a very notable achievement. What made this year’s award even more notable, was that Galen dedicated it to Kim Woitas, Hayward Office Manager. Kim has been a member of the Hayward team for over 37 years and is retiring this December.

“Kim has been fundamental in keeping our team moving forward and our customers informed and satisfied. The 2021 Spirit of Excellence Award is being dedicated to her for going above and beyond what is asked of her, and for all the years of service she has given to our team. We will definitely lose a lot of knowledge when she retires at the end of the year. We wish her the best in her upcoming retirement,” stated Galen.

Galen wanted to be sure to mention that although he dedicated this year’s award to Kim, it really “is all our people. It’s everybody that puts in time and effort, from everyone at the Hayward location to even our Albert Lea facility who helps us when we need fabrication or other tasks done.”

After the award presentation, both Lou-Rich Hayward and Hormel employees celebrated with breakfast. The menu included french toast, eggs, sausage, and of course – Spam.