We are in the process of adding a new Mazak Palletech System to our CNC department at our Front Street facility. The Mazak Palletech System will replace two early to mid-90s vertical mills and will streamline the setup process for our high-mix, low-volume shop.

With this new system, switching to a different product will take only a few minutes with a few key punches instead of the usual 1.5 to 2 hours. In addition, the system will allow us to run multiple projects simultaneously, increasing efficiency and productivity. “I’m always excited to bring in new equipment, and this machining center will help us to automate even more than we already have,” stated Adam Quimby, CNC Manufacturing Engineer.

The new system is similar to the 3 other automated cells in our facility. The Mazak Palletech System will have two Mazak HCN-5000 horizontal mills attached along with a rail and pallet stocker system that stocks 28 custom fixture pallets. Each Mazak holds 240 cutting tools and has 47 hp with a max spindle speed of 18,000 rpm. The first Mazak is already installed, with the second scheduled to arrive around March 15th. The automated pallet system is scheduled to arrive in mid-July. We are currently running the Mazak as a stand-alone machine until the rest of the automated system is put together.

With the addition of the Mazak Palletech System, we are well-positioned to meet the growing demands of our customers. Its addition will not only improve our operations but will also benefit our customers by increasing efficiency and productivity. We remain committed to investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that improve our operations and deliver high-quality products.

HCN-5000 Specs (2 of these in the system)

500mm Workholding table With Pallet Changer

Feed Axis:

  • X Travel 28.74 in.
  • Y Travel 28.74 in.
  • Z Travel 31.60 in.
  • Feed rates, 2362 IPM
  • Full Rotary table (3,600,000 Positions)
  • 1000 PSI Mazak Superflow Cutting tool coolant system
  • Renshaw Part Measurement Probing system
  • 240 Cutting Tool Hive
  • 47Hp 18000RPM BT40 Spindle

Automated Palletech System

2 Level High Rise Vehicle System

  • 28 Pallets
  • Single Vehicle Pallet loader
  • 2 Work Loading Stations
  • Entire system Footprint 50′ x 40′
  • Office/Factory network with remote access