Anthony (AJ) Krowiorz has worked on the Lou-Rich team for 4 years. AJ was recently promoted from Fabrication Planner to Buyer and began working as a Buyer full-time last month. As a Buyer, he is responsible for the procurement of a wide array of commodities such as castings, electronics, and plastic parts. He will be the new point of contact for most of Heather Groeneweg’s suppliers.

When asked what working for an employee-owned company means to him, AJ replied, “Working for an employee-owned company for me means I can be who I want to be. Meaning I’m not held back from going above and beyond and information is very transparent and easily accessible.” AJ hopes that after working with Lou-Rich, each customer feels confident in the product they are receiving and its delivery. “We are very transparent with any issues that may arise and if there are concerns brought up, we will address them immediately,” stated AJ.

When AJ is not working, he enjoys anything to do with sports, being outside, hunting, fishing, and hiking. He also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. AJ has been to around 36 different states visiting family and traveling. He has been married to his wife Hattie for going on 2 years and they have 5 pets: 2 dogs, and 3 cats. An Australian Shephard named Griffin, a Collie named Captain, and 3 Russian Blues named Smokey, Elsa, and Blu.

Congratulations on your recent promotion and thanks for being a valuable member of the Lou-Rich Team, AJ!