As an 100% employee-owned organization, many employee owners say that they consider their colleges as part of their family. For the Le family, this is especially true. Tyler, Max, and Abigail Le are siblings that all work on the Lou-Rich shop floor. They are just one example of the many families that currently or previously have worked as part of the Lou-Rich team.

Max works in the Fabrication department and Tyler and Abigail both work in Assembly. Although the siblings don’t work together on a daily basis, many of the projects that come through the Fabrication department eventually flow through to Assembly.

“Lou-Rich is very lucky to have the Le family here. They’re very hard workers and very dedicated.” – Heather Groeneweg, Lou-Rich Assembly Supervisor

Thank you, Max, Tyler, and Abigail for your dedication to the Lou-Rich team!


Tyler Le: Lou-Rich Assembly

Tyler Le has been a member of the Lou-Rich team since December of 2019. He started as an Assembly Line Worker and is now an Assembly Lead. In his current position, he works on the assembly line, helps manage team members, and trains new hires. He is also a mentor for Lou-Rich’s new mentor program.

Tyler said it’s more relaxed than other organizations he’s been a part of because everyone is working together. “When working for an employee-owned company, everyone has a stake in the company’s success, so everyone puts their full effort in.”

In Tyler’s free time, he enjoys watching YouTube videos.

Max Le: Lou-Rich Fabrication

Max Le originally joined the Lou-Rich team in 2016 as a Youth Apprentice during his senior year of high school. After High School, he went to Riverland Community College and earned a diploma in Industrial Maintenance, Welding, and Manual Machining. In May of 2019 he returned to the Lou-Rich team and was hired on as a Welder.

What he enjoys most about his job is “being able to move around the Fabrication department and working on a variety of jobs.”

In his free time, Max enjoys rock climbing, playing video games, and going fishing.

Abigail Le: Lou-Rich Assembly

Abigail Le has been a member of the Lou-Rich team since May 2021 and is an Assembly Line worker.

When asked what working for an employee-owned company means to her she responded, “working for an employee-owned company means you have a lot of opportunities to strive and move up in the company.” She also stated that “I enjoy the people I work with, I also enjoy that I can learn new things every day.”

When she’s away from work, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing with her 4-year-old daughter. She also likes to draw and write.