Chris Williams has worked on the Lou-Rich team for 25 years. In 1997, he started as the 2nd Shift Laser Operator and within two years became the 2nd shift Lead. After that, in 2003, Chris became the Weld Tech for the fabrication department, and in 2018 he evolved into our Fabrication Department Supervisor. As Fabrication Department Supervisor, Chris oversees various aspects of the building process. He is responsible for the success and safety of the Lou-Rich team of fabricators.

When asked what working for an employee-owned company means to him, Chris replied, “To succeed with your peers. People are working together to help grow as a team and promote an environment where strengths and ideas are founded and supported.” He also stated, “It’s rewarding to see people grow in their areas and become the leaders and trainers that help keep us moving forward.” Chris hopes that every customer who works with Lou-Rich walks away confident in knowing that they are partnering with a reliable resource to help them succeed.

Chris has a variety of seasonal hobbies, and when he isn’t working, he enjoys shooting pool, playing golf, riding, and hunting.

Thank you, Chris, for your 25 years of service and dedication to the Lou-Rich Team!