At Lou-Rich we have a cutting-edge 8 stage wash and paint system that can handle a wide variety of powder coat paints. With finishes ranging from textured to semi-gloss, rest assured our industrial powder coating experts will get your project finished just the way you need it.

Paint line department supervisor, Joe McBeain says, “the pretreatment system we have was manufactured and installed by Midwest Finishing in 2012 and is one of the most state-of-the-art paint line systems in the Midwest.”

Having the ability to process a wide variety of pretreatment options has no doubt aided Lou-Rich and in turn our customers’ success since the installation of the new paint line.

Our environmentally friendly system can apply powder coat paint to many materials including aluminum, castings, plastic, and sheet metal. Whatever finish your project calls for, Lou-Rich can manage it with multiple deburring equipment options, bead and shot blasting, urethane molding, polishing and more. In addition, we also have an 8,000 Sq ft process development research lab, and an ISO certified Class 8 clean room. We enjoy challenges and collaborating with our customers to get the very best finish possible.

Lou-Rich currently offers close to 40 different colors for powder coat application. All our powders are applied manually, offering the ability to powder more complex parts than an automated or robotic system.

The wash and industrial powder coating system at Lou-Rich is a seamless integration with the rest of our capabilities. Our customers can have parts fabricated, machined, cleansed, and powder coated all under one roof, which can save time and money. Our wash and paint system are an important part of the Lou-Rich service offerings and enables us to complete projects from start to finish.

Wash System and Industrial Powder Coating Stages

  • Stage 1: Laser scale removal (acid based) – This is used to chemically remove any scale caused by our flat or tube lasers (only used on steel parts)
  • Stage 2: Rinse and rust preventative – Reverse Osmosis water
  • Stage 3: Rinse – Reverse Osmosis water
  • Stage 4: Multi metal detergent (alkaline based) – Used to clean oil and debris from material
  • Stage 5: Rinse – Reverse Osmosis water
  • Stage 6:  Transition Metal treatment – used to pre-treat the material for paint application
  • Stage 7: Rinse – Reverse Osmosis water
  • Stage 8: Spectralink/Duraseal – Used as a sealer or chemical primer (adds a thin film over the material)

To learn more about our industrial powder coating services, visit our Services page or contact us to speak with a professional.