We recently added a new lathe to our Lou-Rich Front Street facility. The new Doosan Puma 2600SY II is a twin spindle, single turret lathe and has a 10-inch main and an 8-inch sub. It offers us more opportunity to automate larger diameter parts and will allow us to streamline our setups.

The new lathe has live tooling, which gives it milling capabilities. It also includes a 6ft automatic bar feeder and Hainbuch quick change collet chucks. Both of these features will allow us to further automate processes. The new lathe is taking the position of an existing piece of equipment and will be placed near our 5 other lathes with automatic bar feeders. This updated setup will allow a single operator to run 2 lathes at a time, requiring only three operators to run all 6 lathes in this machining center.

“I’m excited to consolidate from multiple machines into one machining center. It’ll put out a better, more consistent product without needing additional support,” stated Adam Quimby, Lou-Rich Manufacturing Engineer.

You can watch a video of the Doosan Puma 2600SY II here:

Introducing the Doosan PUMA 2600SY II on Vimeo

Equipment Specifications

Main Spindle Std Chuck10’’
Main Spindle Max Chuck10’’
Max Turn Length29.9’’
Max Turn Diameter14.8’’
Bar Capacity3.2’’
Guideway TypeBox way
X Axis Rapid Traverse1,181 ipm
Z Axis Rapid Traverse1,181 ipm
Y Axis Rapid Traverse394 ipm
Main Spindle
Main Spindle Power30 hp
Spindle RPM4,000 RPM