Many Lou-Rich customers know we provide fabrication, welding, and machining solutions – but some customers may not be as familiar with our assembly capabilities.

Did you know Lou-Rich has a dedicated assembly team that can assemble anything ranging from small medical devices to large all-terrain vehicle frames? We manufacture assemblies for a variety of industries including, Food, Transportation, Medical, Agriculture, Industrial, and many more.

A few of our assembly capabilities include:

  • Volumes from several hundred to several thousand
  • Various sizes ranging from a few pounds to over 4,000 pounds
  • Simple to high-level assemblies (HLA) – ranging from a handful of parts to hundreds of parts
  • Seasonal and long-term projects

Have you thought about utilizing our assembly team for your project?

A few of the benefits of having Lou-Rich perform the assembly process for our customers’ projects include:

  1. We can identify part fitment/functionality issues during the prototype phase and offer solutions to those issues with our continuous improvement process. Our assembly team works closely with all our other Lou-Rich departments to develop solutions to these issues – helping us to exceed our customer’s expectations.
  2. For each awarded customer project that comes across our desks, we create custom work cells. Our space is optimized, each assembly cell is product-specific and designed for maximum efficiency and quality.
  3. Lou-Rich provides complete Supply Chain Management.
  4. We have one of the best teams around. “I honestly can tell you I have one of the best teams to work with. They’re great people, they produce high-quality work, and are diligent to make sure the product is right. They’re not just trying to finish it and get it out the door,” stated Heather Groeneweg, Lou-Rich Assembly Supervisor.

Every assembly project is different, and our team accepts the challenge of efficiently putting together a project. If you have need for something manufactured and assembled, we should review it together. We encourage you to contact our team with any projects or questions you may have.