We’re increasing our production capabilities with the addition of a new laser to the Lou-Rich facility. We’ve recently purchased and installed a BySmart Fiber 3015; Fiber 10-kilowatt laser and added it to our arsenal of manufacturing equipment. This new laser has 10kw of power and will be replacing two Mazak CO2 laser cutting machines.

This new piece of equipment will give us a Bystronic 6kw fiber and a new 10kw fiber. The 10kw fiber really performs in the midrange thicknesses in both steel and stainless steel. Just within the short time we’ve had this new system up-and-running, we’ve seen our cycle times cut it half on certain thickness of materials using the 10kw fiber vs. the 6kw fiber while cutting stainless steel.

Bystronic boasts that this laser provides:

  • Outstanding cutting performance for high parts output and excellent cutting quality with thin to medium sheet metal.
  • Wide range of applications. In addition to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, non-ferrous metals can also be processed in excellent quality.
  • High ease-of-use and intuitive process control enable fast access to fiber laser technology
  • Flexible process solutions. Bystronic software and automation solutions optimally integrate the BySmart Fiber into the requirements of the sheet meal processing environment.

“Our team is very impressed with the capabilities of the new piece of equipment, the new BySmart Fiber 3015 will help with thru put in our laser area because of the gains on cycle times,” said Karl Eggum, Lou-Rich Manufacturing Engineering Manager.

BySmart Fiber 3015 Specifications
Power 10000 W
Laser Source Fiber 10000
Nominal Sheet Size (X) 120 Inches
Nominal Sheet Size (Y) 60 Inches
Stainless Steel (max. cutting sheet thickness) 1.18 Inches
Aluminum (max. cutting sheet thickness) 10000 W
Max Positioning Speed 3937 Inches per Minute